Stop Honking!

Kitna Horn Marta Hai yaar” proclaimed Ripunjay in his half asleep posture. It got me thinking. He was right. I have been honking sometimes unnecessarily because I could see the threat ahead. It could be the Auto Wala who would be in the mood to suddenly cut the lane or the trying-to-be-classy but an ass trying to just get ahead of you. While I introspected I realised it just got me agitated and the world around me gave two hoots about it. While I know this was not me, I was wondering who is this version of me?

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Bye BlogAdda, Hello BlueOceanIMC

“All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.” – Tess Callahan.

It is very difficult to leave something that you loved doing and for the last time when I stepped out of the door of the BlogAdda office, with Nirav bidding adieu, my eyes told the story.

27 November 2008 is when I first stepped into BlogAdda and it’s been a journey where each day taught me something new. Be it discovering a new influencer in town or dealing with a new joinee in the brand side trying to prove a point. Have had the pleasure to work with some of the best and learn from some of the worst in the Industry.

AG, SS, SS, AV, DT, DB, SMK, PM, PG (Mata), PC, AP, PG, AB, SP, SM, WP, SS are the friends/colleaguesI would want to remember and I continue being in touch with. Nirav Sir, thank you for being there and believing in me always. Will be indebted for the same. The rest would be irrelevant. 

This is what I am going to do next.

BlueOceanIMC ropes in Harish Krishnan

I believe in the vibes and it is all positive at the moment. Get. Set. Go Harish!



Friday 6.30 pm. You need to be there’ texted my friend. We used to travel by train together in our heydays
Today he has a chauffeur driven car and as the evening went by a heart bigger than all this.

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Day 17 – #100HappyDays

On a middle of a working day, visiting the mall is joy. Trying out the new range of @forestessentials is joy. Spending time with positive people is joy. A beautiful lady telling me “Don’t be obsessed about losing weight, you look good. The one who loves you would not care for all this” is joy. Typing this while you are half asleep is joy. Day 16 – #100HappyDays #positivity #positivevibes #happiness #picoftheday #ThankYouA #smilesaround #lovewillhappen #hope #hopelessromantic 

Day 16 – #100HappyDays

How many words can you make out of this? Loved playing this today. Was all smiles. Ek Ajnabee Haseena ke saath compete kiya. #100HappyDays #wordplay #boardgames #gamesoflife #happiness #positivevibes #positivity 

Day 14 – #100HappyDays 

96 and counting. He has seen it all. While visiting him a couple of months back, I was clicking the flowers in the garden not knowing that he was watching me. After I am done with clicking, he innocently asks me “Will you click my photo as well?” I said of course and this photo was born. 
I framed it and wanted to gift it to him on my birthday but he had gone to Lonavala to spend time with his friends. He travels 15 Kms to New Panvel Bridge in an ST bus and then his friend picks him enroute to Lonavala.
Today I wanted to meet him to seek his blessings for whatever I am going to do next so I set out to meet him. 
Sitting with his writing pad on his lap, he greeted me with his toothless smile. 
I take out the photo and show it to him. 
What happened next just 
He had tears in his eyes. He just said, ‘after over 30 years someone is gifting me a photograph! Why did you frame it? 4 more to go for century’ he chuckled. 
I felt content and happy. This is what I live for. 
Check out a small bit from the long conversation I had with him today. If you want to know his stories and much more, ping me 

Day 13 – #100HappyDays

Met this cute fearless angel in the Shani Mandir today. She was the epitome of happiness. She had the power to make everyone around her smile. She is from a small village near Satara and came to Vashi to a relatives place. She tells me her house is much better than Mumbai. Could be. Must be. After all the 👼 lives there.
Day 13 – #100HappyDays #randomness #happiness #strangers #loveWillHappen #PositiveVibes #positivity #kids #godsgift #picoftheday 

Day 12 – #100HappyDays

It just takes one photo to make you smile and think about all those good times. Life is like an Ice Cream, try adding some Masala to it and it will be really good to taste. Day 12 – #100HappyDays #Happiness #loveWillHappen #icecream #PositiveVibes #fusion #foodphoto #foodphotography #instafood #sweetness 

Day 11 – #100HappyDays

This small flower fell on my car. There was a gentle breeze around but the flower didn’t​ move. What I did next was what I loved and made me happy. I just stood under the 🌲 and waited for more flowers to fall on my face. They say when you are in love, flowers fall around and magic happens. Guess I am in love with myself. 🙂 #100HappyDays #happiness #happy #bepositive #behappy😊 #loveWillHappen #hope #picoftheday #PositiveVibes