Stop Honking!

Kitna Horn Marta Hai yaar” proclaimed Ripunjay in his half asleep posture. It got me thinking. He was right. I have been honking sometimes unnecessarily because I could see the threat ahead. It could be the Auto Wala who would be in the mood to suddenly cut the lane or the trying-to-be-classy but an ass trying to just get ahead of you. While I introspected I realised it just got me agitated and the world around me gave two hoots about it. While I know this was not me, I was wondering who is this version of me?

I decided that I will not Honk no matter what happens. I took it as a challenge (because I love challenges) I wanted to test myself and kick out the guy in me who loved honking.

Today is the second day when I have not honked even once.

  1. Nothing changes when you Honk. The world remains the same and so are the asses.
  2. You tend to drive more calmly and become less competitive.
  3. You start smiling more and start enjoying the amazing music more.
  4. Ripunjay could sleep more peacefully  (Ciaz + no honking) ‘
  5. The ride is more comfortable because you tend to brake less.Try it today. Stop Honking. 

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