Bye BlogAdda, Hello BlueOceanIMC

“All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.” – Tess Callahan.

It is very difficult to leave something that you loved doing and for the last time when I stepped out of the door of the BlogAdda office, with Nirav bidding adieu, my eyes told the story.

27 November 2008 is when I first stepped into BlogAdda and it’s been a journey where each day taught me something new. Be it discovering a new influencer in town or dealing with a new joinee in the brand side trying to prove a point. Have had the pleasure to work with some of the best and learn from some of the worst in the Industry.

AG, SS, SS, AV, DT, DB, SMK, PM, PG (Mata), PC, AP, PG, AB, SP, SM, WP, SS are the friends/colleaguesI would want to remember and I continue being in touch with. Nirav Sir, thank you for being there and believing in me always. Will be indebted for the same. The rest would be irrelevant. 

This is what I am going to do next.

BlueOceanIMC ropes in Harish Krishnan

I believe in the vibes and it is all positive at the moment. Get. Set. Go Harish!


iLearn – June 28

Life is simple again. A farmer explains this way: “You cannot make the clouds rain more, you cannot make the sun shine less. They are just nature’s gifts — take it or leave it.”

When the things around you are seen as gifts, they are no longer a means to an end; they are the means and the end. And thus, a cow-herder will tend to his animals with the compassion of a father, a village woman will wait 3 hours for a delayed bus without a trace of anger, a child will spend countless hours fascinated by stars in the galaxy, and finding his place in the vast cosmos.

So with today’s modernized tools at your ready disposal, don’t let yourself zoom obliviously from point A to point B on the highways of life; try walking the backroads of the world, where you will witness a profoundly inextricable connection with all living things.

iLearn – June 27

It’s easy to get your feelings hurt, or to get genuinely scared by the response you get online, from people who just seem to be so full of rage and lashing out at anyone, without the understanding that there’s a real person on the other side of the avatar, and they’re not just kicking a virtual dog. If you don’t have healthy—or healthy-ish—ways of handling it, it’s easy to see how a pill or a few glasses of wine could start looking very appealing.

iLearn – June 26

Many of us forget that the blog is the original social media channel. It’s the social media rug that ties the content marketing room together. As a major fuel source for social, it’s vital to mix up the content on the blog, after all variety is the spice of life. Just as anyone would quickly tire of eating from the same food group day after day, your customers and prospects can grow tired of the same type of content again and again.

iLearn – June 25

You gotta be smart and cunning in the current age. If you are nice to people, they just take advantage of you. You have to demand your rights as people are not going to give it. You got to demand what you are entitled for.

You got to be a sweet talker and pally pally with people. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Don’t open in entirety.

iLearn – June 24

Product, Team and Clarity. These are the three things that a VC looks for. How impactful and differentiated your product can be to the market and society at large? How great is your team that is actually going to execute the product? What is the clarity, the next step in your mind? There is a lot of support out there for budding entrepreneurs. Quoting an investor- ‘Money is just lying in the bank, I want to put it to better use.’ 

Inspired from here

iLearn – June 22

Unfortunately, even geniuses fail. Chances are, you’re no genius. The truth to it is that you have much to learn. There’s always much to learn. In order to succeed, you must familiarize yourself with your trade inside and out – get to know every nook and cranny.

You may be smart. You may be a genius even. But without the right information, you will fail. Smart isn’t enough.

iLearn – June 21

Regardless of what you are attempting to accomplish, what success you are gunning after, if it’s something worth pursuing, then you’re going to fail – miserably – plenty of times before you strike gold.