iLearn – June 20

No matter how long or how short our journeys, how broad or narrow our reach, or how big or small our jobs and titles, our wisdom is uniquely personal to us. But, perspectives are only valuable when they are honest, and grounded in reality. Spoken from the heart. Seen through the eyes of an innocent four year old.

Inspired by Vishal Sikka.

iLearn – June 19

 “Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. …A truth can only be expressed and enveloped in words if it is one-sided. Everything that is thought and expressed in words is one-sided, only half the truth.”

Inspired from Siddhartha.

iLearn – June 17

Dopamine is one of the key neurotransmitters researchers have found to coincide with feelings of romantic love. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful neurotransmitters responsible for your mood in general, influencing attention, motivation and addiction – all important characteristics of being in love.

Dopamine helps explain why love is so addictive. Researchers have shown that when you’re with someone you love, you experience something similar to taking a drug like cocaine. Dopamine floods your brain, filling you with a feeling of bliss that you can’t wait to relive. That’s why people who’re in love feel dependent on and crave their loved ones – just as drug addicts do with their substances.

Inspired from

iLearn – June 15

“But Mr. Gray, there’s no inspiration in logic. There’s no courage in logic. There’s not even happiness in logic. There’s only satisfaction. The only place logic has in my life is in the realization that the more I am willing to do for my wife and children, the more I shall be able to do for myself.”

iLearn – June 14

Any resolution or decision you make is simply a promise to yourself, which isn’t worth a tinker’s dam unless you have formed the habit of making it and keeping it. And you won’t form the habit of making it and keeping it unless right at the start you link it with a definite purpose that can be accomplished by keeping it.

iLearn – June 13

“Men are creatures of habit just as machines are creatures of momentum, for habit is nothing more or less than momentum translated from the concrete into the abstract. Can you picture the problem that would face our mechanical engineers if there were no such thing as momentum? Speed would be impossible because the highest speed at which any vehicle could be moved would be the first speed at which it could be broken away from a standstill. Elevators could not be made to rise, airplanes could not be made to fly, and the entire world of mechanics would find itself in a total state of helplessness. Then who are you and I to think that we can do with our own human nature what the finest engineers in the world could not do with the finest machinery that was ever built?”

iLearn – June 12

“When a man goes into a slump, it simply means that he has reached a point at which, for the time being, the things he doesn’t like to do have become more important than his reasons for doing them. And may I pause to suggest to you managers and general agents that when one of your good producers goes into a slump, the less you talk about his production and the more you talk about his purpose, the sooner you will pull him out of his slump?”