Friday 6.30 pm. You need to be there’ texted my friend. We used to travel by train together in our heydays
Today he has a chauffeur driven car and as the evening went by a heart bigger than all this.

‘Kaashvi’ which means ‘Shining’ was the star of the evening and she would be proud of her parents when she comes to know that she was the shining star for over 50 more children that day.

In today’s times where pomp and glitter defines the celebrations and not the emotions, Kaashvi chose to show the light.

The wise say that there are some occasions which you are destined to attend and this was one such occasion.

The clock struck 6.45 and the host shouted “Bacche aa gaye (The children have come)”. Within minutes the room waiting in anticipation for the positive energy that was going to be filled was all ready to welcome the special guests.

The happy glowing faces entered the room with their eyes expressing gratitudeĀ  even before experiencing an evening that they would remember for years to come.

My friend constantly asked me ‘Sab Barabar hai na? Kuch Kami toh nahi hai?‘ (Hope everything is proper? I have not missed anything right?). Here was a man who didn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make his Princess’s first birthday a one to remember.

As the evening panned by, the highlights reel of the show was matching the entire movie. Magic show, activities for uncles and aunties, constant serving of amazing starters and the lavish buffet all spread out for the special guests of the evening.

I will leave you with what my phone captured as the moments of the day. If you are curious to know more, I will be happy to share what my mind has captured and connect you with the organisation that brings ‘Kaashvi’ to these children’s lives.

The name of the organization is – Girija Balamandir PanvelĀ 

As Kumar said “Encourage people to celebrate their kids or loved one’s birthday with more meaningful initiative. Bring Kaashvi to other’s life and you will shine.”

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