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Evocabank makes a Visa Infinite card off to influencers

Do you have 20000 followers? Then you get a Visa Infinite card for free & become a privileged customer.

Will any Indian bank take the first step & have a loyalty card for influencers? Back in 2012, my team had pitched an ambassador program involving influencers where they get a loyalty card & special benefits. 

I believe Influencers are all around us and each one of us influences a group in one way or the other. For some, the group is really big. Give a free card to the influencers, give them special benefits targeted at their interests & then get free posts about your brand for the rest of the year. 

A lot of such ideas keep buzzing around our brainstorming meetings and we are just waiting for the right client to lap it up and create something amazing! 

Till then, we just keep reading & getting inspired by the phoreners. 🙂 

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