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“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” –Anthony Volodkin.

8 years old

Yesterday while driving back home after visiting the countryside I get a message from Nirav Sir which said “Congratulations on work anniversary Harish. Pleasure to be working with you.

That is when it dawned on me that I have completed 8 years at BlogAdda.

Have been fortunate to witness the rise of blogging and influencers in India. In the initial days at BlogAdda, I remember the intense discussions that we had to push a particular blogger and making him/her realising their potential. Today, some may acknowledge, some may not. But I along with BlogAdda would want to believe that we have created the conditions for the same. Who would have thought 8 years ago that blogging would become so big in India? I would say Nirav and the BlogAdda team when I joined did.

Each of the Blog avengers that I have worked with have taught me something. Some have set me back with their actions while some gave me the push to achieve greater heights. You would wonder how can someone do the above?

It is because for me, each one was just not colleague. I thought of them as a friend which is why when some left, they left an impact, some positive, some negative.

The last year was the most challenging I have faced and probably the next year I would say the same thing (hope not).

I think the biggest learning for me from the last year is that you gotta define your own route. You cannot and should not rely on your co passengers for the direction or expect them to be with you till the end of the journey. You just have to keep moving. Keep doing what you think is right and move on.

I end this post with the highlight of the last year at BlogAdda.

Best Blogging Company BlogAdda

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