We live in an era of ratings

I get out of the car, open the Uber app & give the partner the five star rating he deserves. I reach the office, open my mailbox and the subject line of the mail reads ‘Please review the recent purchase that you made’.

We Live In An Era Of Ratings

Ratings and approvals have embedded themselves in our day to day life. Glance through the things around you & tell me 5 things that you would have purchased without checking their ratings.

I remember a conversation on twitter sometime back where people will discussing their ratings on Uber. I must admit that I also fell into this trap of checking whether the conversations I had with the Uber partners all this while were five star conversations.

The arranged marriage concept. What is it exactly? Isn’t it choosing a life partner based on the ratings both give each other. Of course God has his own system of matching, which is a different story altogether.

Are we going to be engulfed by the ratings system that we start living our life keeping our rating in mind or screw the ratings system and just be the way it is.

1 thought on “We live in an era of ratings

  1. Ruchi

    My friend got called up by an Uber driver because she gave him 2 stars. These ratings help, but they’re not always conclusive. But then is there a better way to assure quality?


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