#Shaniontheloose Red card!

There are some who become a part of your life and you realize what they mean to you. What happens when #Shaniontheloose decides to take two people of your routine?

The first Person is my support system. Someone who I can call at 2 am in the night and he will happily assure you that everything will be alright. He is someone who has played a big part in making me what I am today. He is someone who knows me in and out. There were people who called themselves as my good friends and were not there when I needed them but here was someone who has stood by me thick and thin. Every decision of mine has some shade of approval or denial from him. My rock solid best friend who has gone to work in my Gaav. Miss you dost. Aaj Marine Drive gaya tha and had samosa Chaat sandwich.

The second person is someone who is a mystery by herself. No one ever knows what is she upto. But she knows what everyone is upto. Conversation with her every alternate day goes something like this…

He: Kuthe aahe?

She: Why what happened?

He: Nothing happened. Had to draft a couple of mails and posts.

He: ETA?

She: 10 – 15 mins.

Then it goes like this

She: Coffee Chahiye? Can you please ask Laxman to get 2 coffees for me as well please?

Her day starts. A maestro with words. The mails and posts she churns out always manage to bring a smile on my face. I tell her ‘awesome post’ and she says ‘bakwaas’

What goes on in her mind and life is known only to her. You try and prod a bit and what you get are two options.

1. Topic change

2. You are being too pushy!

I had promised her that one day I will write a post about her with her tareef. I can just go on and on and probably write a best seller. But for now here is one last para.

She is an angel who sneakily gets you chocolates and makes your torturous day a smiling one. Someone who doesn’t say No to anything and just does her work silently. Someone who calms you down and says ‘everything will be alright’. Someone who is carefree and cares a damn about the world which includes you and me. But I am sure she will be there when the world would need her.

Guys! Screw #Shaniontheloose and come back into my life quickly. Miss you both!

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