Ajj Din Chadeya…

Aaj din chadheya tere rang varga. Phool sa hai khila aaj din…

I try to recollect the moments we spent together in my dream knowing that only memories will stay with me and those will only remain a dream.

Even in my dreams, I am scared of YOU just because of the fear of losing her.

Rabba mere din yeh na dhalle, woh jo khwaab main mile, usse tu lagade abb gale, tenu dil da vaasta.

Every day I pray to YOU asking you just one thing, “What can I do to make her mine? What can I do to make her my queen?”. All I get is silence as an answer from you!

Baksha gunahon ko, sunke duaon ko rabba pyar hain tune sabko hi de diya… Mujhko woh dila, maine jisko hain dil diya!

At times, I wonder, “What do I do with so much love?” There is no one to shower it upon. There are days when I wonder whether she needs it or not? There are days when I wonder whether you will let me shower it or not?

Aasmaan pe aasmaan uske de itna bata, Woh jo mujhko dekh ke hase, Paana chahun raat din jisse, Rabba mere naam kar usse, Tenu dil da vasta.

The next time she smiles and floors me, I will just look into her eyes and search the road to her heart. Promise me! If I find it, YOU will make her mine!

Maanga jo mera hai, Jaata kya tera hai, Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li, Kaisa khuda hai tu, Bas naam ka hai tu, Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali

You tell me about destiny, fate and all. What is this then? Why did you make me meet her? Why do I become speechless when she is around? Why do I go to a different world when she is around? Why O why?

Dede mujhe zindagi meri, Tenu dil da vasta
Mere sapne sawar de, Tenu dil da vasta…

All I ask for now is her love and make her mine for life. That is all I want. If YOU think there is something call ‘True Love’ then this is it!

“Fiction is a careful combination of observation, inspiration, and imagination.” ― Luke Taylor

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