Kya Soorat Hain!

I was driving to work this morning and a strange and unusual thing happened. I was listening to Kya Soorat hain by Bombay Vikings and suddenly a car just overtook me.


The inner aatma and the blood didn’t wake up or boil this time as it would have done before thanks to the numerous preaches I have been receiving from my friend this year. I let go. But, but, this car was in no mood to let go. It braked and teased my car. I thought, ‘Koi baccha hoga, jo abhi abhi andhe se nikla hain‘ and still didn’t react. (Ya, I know totally unexpected from me).

I am sure the car owner would have been surprised as well. Suddenly, the windows rolled down and the hand came outside. It asked me, ‘Kya Darr Gaya‘. Now Ganesha has said that Aries do not like to lose and my Punto revved. Revved until I came parallel with the car, I looked on to the side and what do I see?

A beautiful girl eating Magnum ice cream and teasingly asking me ‘Kya aap khaoge‘ and the song Kya Soorat hain played in loop again.

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