The Heart and the games it plays.

Do you listen to you heart always? In the current times, I don’t think it is wise to do that.  Why?

Because, people have started mastering the art of manipulating the heart. No, no. This is not a Kjo-climax-teary-deary post. This is all about learning’s from things around you.

Take this example:

A friend of mine is strong believer when it comes to listening to his heart. He tells me of an incident which highlights the use and throw policy being adopted by many people these days.

He: You know what? These days you try to help people and be good to them doesn’t work.

Me: Why do you say that?

He: Because, either they think you are being too friendly with them for some reason or you are being too over protective.

Me: That is a bit strange. I know you and your intentions well.

He: I know but I think I have to change. Let me give you an example. There was this girl who had joined my company recently. As I do with people my heart says are good, tried to be friends with her and used to see that nothing untoward happens to her. A lot of conversations used to happen initially and then fights started happening. I thought that this girl is not like many others and is really nice & down to earth. But no prizes for guessing that I was proved wrong. After a few months, I realized how I was used and eventually thrown. 🙂

Me: How and why did you trust the girl so easily?

He: Because I listened to my heart.

Obviously, you and me do not know the real story but if it has really happened then a wicked game was played by the heart. What do you say?

Let us take an another example:

Another friend of mine for the past few months has been trying to become a good friend with his colleague. He tries everyday to make her smile and feel comfortable at work. But somehow my heart tells me that he is going to meet the same fate as my other friend. Why?

Because,  ‘You can constantly keep on pinging. If it is a ‘Request timout’ from the other end then you have to stop pinging one day’. My friend has tried different ways and continues to keep trying but what is the point if the other person is not interested to  become friends?

My friend is doing this probably because his heart says that they would become friends. Who is going to tell my friend about the games that the heart plays? 🙂




1 thought on “The Heart and the games it plays.

  1. Anubha

    Someone who really wants to be friends would give the other the freedom to choose whether he/she wants to be friends too. Get expectation out of the way and let your heart connect to, and bond with the right people.


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