The story of He and She: Midnight Conversations.

It is a beautiful Friday night. He and She after a long walk crash down in the lawns and look at the full moon. A conversation happens:

He & She - Conversations

They won’t understand, he said. We’ll never belong, he said.Β He wanted them to run away, Leave it all behind.

She said ‘Do you know that the first time I saw you, I wondered how I will make you mine? I didn’t understand that it was love then, they don’t understand that it is love today ‘


He sighed. He wished for everything she wished for. His dreams were hers. She was where he belonged.

She reminds him ‘It is a dream that one day when we both are sitting together, you whisper in my ears ‘You are all mine’. What else do I need?’.


He held her close. He promised her in the stillness of the night. He promised to never let go.

She says ‘Once again my heart comes up with a helpless situation. It cannot stay far away from you. The heart says it wants to complete itself by completing our incomplete talks and unfinished memories.’.


We’ll make it through this, he whispered. Because there is no other way around. We’ll make it through this, Because I believe in you. Me. You and me.

Yes. What else can I say when all I have to say is I Love you. The day I found you, I found my true calling in life. What can I say, when all I have to say is that someone is madly in love with you.

Thank you ‘B‘ for making this wonderful conversation happen. πŸ™‚

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