A song teaches you a lot of things.

We all love the song ‘Sadda Haq‘ from Rockstar. But, not many would have gone deep into the lyrics of the song. A few interesting quotes can be derived from the song.

World, why do you make me feel that I am doing wrong. Whenever I think of doing something right, you say it is wrong.  I ask you, If I am wrong, then who is right?


Do I have to take the permission of the world to live by my wishes? Does this mean, that you have more right on me than I have on myself?


Why do you strangle my habit of living  in the race of the life and thereby acquiring debts?


My hearts tells me to live by it or die.


Why do you cut me into pieces & share in the name of society & culture?


Why do you preach the lessons of truth when you yourself cannot handle the truth?


Why do you stop someone who speaks the truth in the name of rules & regulations?


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