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Who was at fault?

A very sad incident happened today while traveling to my workplace! The train reached Vashi station and was full to the core as usual!! People were getting ready to board the train and among them stood a man who had to reach his destination very early

He managed to hold on to the edge of the door and boarded the train half heartedly. As the train left vashi he was shouting at people to give him some space. No one listened to him. At the next moment he fell down but was still holding on the edge of the door. He was literally being dragged, the last I saw of him. Hope he is OK!

The whole journey I was just thinking about this. A few things came into my mind. Who was at fault? Was it the passengers who were unable to adjust a bit so that this man could have got some extra space to hold on. Was it the Guard of the train who in spite of seeing the person being dragged did not stop the train! Was i at fault who in spite of seeing the person being dragged did not pull the chain or was it the person himself who could have left this train and caught the next train?

What do you think……..???


  • aritra

    Dont want to be harsh .. but i think you should have tried to get him in.

    Hope he is doing fine now.

    • Harish aka Harry

      Dear, wish i could have done that, but i was sitting inside the compartment and there was no space to move! Hope u understand

  • Dinesh

    1) Indian Railways. It is unable to increase frequency of trains on Harbour line in spite of knowing the heavy traffic load in peak hours.

    2) The person himself: He could have waited 5 more minutes to board the next train…

  • aritra

    yea. i know it gets really tough moving in the train during rush hour.

    anyway, you thought about it. not many do that. Dont feel bad about it 🙂

    • Harish aka Harry

      Thanks @aritra @dinesh for your opinion, wanted to analyze about it and thanks to your support, feeling a lot better

  • Detlef Cordes

    Why did he not let go of the door? Or was he jammed somehow? He must have been desperate to get on this train. Perhaps he had an interview for a new job?

  • unitechy

    i believe its his fault. he could’ve waited for few more minutes. he is sole responsible for his life.
    people won’t give a damn bout your life.

    • Harish aka Harry

      @Detlef That is what i was unable to see or analyze as to why was he still holding the door!

      @unitechy Yes there was train which would leave in 5 minutes from vashi!

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  • Detlef Cordes

    I would not have pulled the emergncy brake in your place, as you could not see properly what was going on. And it seems there were a lot of people that could. Their decision not to take action must have had a reason.

  • Swati

    I personally feel, tat the guy cud hav left the train,, even i do many times,, yes agreed, i do get late, but climbin the crowded train n gettin injured is not the solution,, Even blamin the government is wrong,, coz more the trains they wil increase, more public wil start travellin by train,, n this cycle is not ending,,

  • Hari

    I feel this is where everyperson makes anistake. We need to be alive to achieve/ enjoy/have worldly possessions. If it was me in his case, I would have waited for the next train. One cannot take for granted own relations/people known to him, where is the question of unnknown helping him except in rare occassions.

  • Ramakrishnan

    Thanks for the blog. I personlly feel that he should not have boarded that particular train. He could have waited and see his health condition. He took risk and took the hasty decision.

  • Uma Ramakrishnan

    I personally feel that the gentleman could have waited for the next train. anyway I dont think u could have done anything with the crowded passengers inside the train.

  • lalit

    No one is at fault. Its the times we live in.
    Interesting perspectives above –
    keep blogging and tweeting man!!

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