The Last Week Of November

‘The Last Week of November’ apart from Mumbai Blasts has also bought about a change in my life. I have been waiting for this change for the past 3 months I should say. The Last Week of November has provided me with a New Aim in life. All this while till ‘The Last Week of November’ my life had been the same wherein nothing exciting was happening and i was just waiting for the day to get over. Now the difference is that I wait to get home and make use of the time I have with my family.

‘The Last Week of November’ is the week when I started working and landed up with my first job. There’s a saying in HindiShabar ka phal hamesha meetha hota hain” and I have experienced it. for the past three months, my resume was posted at all major vompanies of India. At the same time recession happened and there were many layoffs, but my family who has been my support throughout my life till now used to pep me up by saying that “Don’t worry It’s just a matter of time and you will get the First job which you will love”: It happened finally on The Last Week of November.

The Last Week of November brought up a new phase in my life where I would learn new things and get experience in my field.The place where I work is a Dream Come true for me as I had always dreamt of working in such an environment. Such an Environment is created by the Workforce of the company and the head of the Company. As I said earlier I consider myself Very lucky to work at such a place where each an every employee thinks about how he can contribute to the company And how they enjoy the work to the maximum. For all this to happen ‘the boss’ plays a major role. I couldn’t have asked for Anything more. My boss is someone who has become my role model. He is someone who has lots of Bright ideas and His planning is immaculate. He has a vision and I would like to contribute my best to fulfill his vision. He’s the kind of person Who we can look up to, his knowledge about the subject is great but he still believes he has lots to learn which shows his humbleness,I’m not promoting anyone or trying to earn anyone’s goodwill by saying this. I am saying this because this is what I feel and This blog is all about my feelings.

This ends the Last Week of November and I look forward to contribute my best in whatever I do

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    1. Harish aka Harry


      It is my pleasure to follow your blog. Would learn a lot from someone like you. and thanks for visiting my blog. would appreciate your suggestions for the same


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