It is that phase in your life when you are looking to settle down and find a companion who you will love like a queen for the rest of your life.

This quest is not that simple. We all live in a world where each of us have our own expectations. 

There are days when the way she smiles, is on your mind and there are days when one sentence from her makes your week.

The other day someone asked me the perennial question ‘What is love?’. What do you mean when you say ‘You will love her like a queen?’. Does it mean sacrificing everything?

I think love cannot be defined in a sentence or a post. Love has to be experienced.

I experience love in minutest of things.

The other day I was repairing my car’s puncture and the shopowner’s kids were giving me company. They made me smile at the end of a relentless day at work. After everything was done, I gave each one of them a Cadbury Dairy Milk. The Hug they gave me when they took the chocolate from me is their form of expressing love. It made my day (whatever was left of it)

I sometimes wonder what the world thinks of me or what the girl I am searching for thinks of me? People say screw the world. Yea Yea, I am trying to do that. But at the end of the day, I want her to be with me in such moments and I want her to know that my life is made of such moments.

Life is not about how or where you spent your weekend. Life is about moments which you will remember for the rest of your life.

I am sure there are many like me who lead a life of Batman, because we are superheroes which the world may not deserve but I want to her to know my Batman adventures moments and one day proclaim, ‘He is My Superhero’ and not ‘Tu hoga zara pagal tune mujhko hain chuna…”