Four years ago, God took away my beloved Grandpa. One
question that has always bothered me after that is why does God take
away the good persons from this earth. As I had written in my earlier
post. He was the best grandpa anyone could have asked for.

I know you are watching me from above. Every single day I wish that
you come back to see what all has changed in my life for good. Every
happy moment I wish you were there Grandpa!

You have always taught me that serve people and bring a smile into
everyone’s face. I try to do that every time. That makes me ponder. Why
does new age generation forget the sacrifices which their parents have
made for them? Why do they shy away from taking care of them when they
need the most? Why can’t they keep their parents smiling???? All
these questions bother me when I visit Shantivan every time.

There are around 40 persons who stay at Shantivan. Vidya Tai is the
principal for all of them. Every single person at Shantivan has a
story to tell! They have the questions in their eyes as what they have
done wrong to stay away from their family? There is a lady who still
has a Cadbury chocolate kept in her shelf which she wishes to give her
grand-daughter when she comes to meet her. Its been three years now
and the chocolate is still there 🙁 .

I go to Shantivan whenever I get time as I want to bring a smile onto
their face At least for a day! I try to become their child and mingle
with them by talking to them and playing with them. Vidya Tai calls me
her son born after 50 years.

There is this couple who are soooooo talented! Keshav kaka is an
amazing artist and smriti tai weaves some amazing dresses. How can
their child miss out on having such a talented parents? How can they
allow their child to miss out on the talents of the grandparents? They
don’t realize what they are losing out on.

Keshav Kaka with his paintingsKeshav Kaka with his painting

I see my Grandpa in all of them. When they laugh, I feel my Grandpa is
laughing . Today Nirmal Kaka (one of the new entrants told me) that it
has been over 50 years that he has tasted such an authentic south
Indian Sambhar! The joy in is face and stomach is what I want and what
I wish. I will continue to serve them no matter what happens!