Online Friendship!

 The term ‘online friendship’ is a very lovable and hated word as well. There is a huge void which has been created between offline friends and online Friends. Is there any difference? Lets analyze. 

The chat phenomena started with the advent of ICQ, IRC and various chat rooms like rediff, yahoo etc! Thousands of people used to visit these chat rooms looking to make friends! In the world there is a good and a bad and so does the technology. This became the avenue for despos and perverts.

This is where I have a Point of view. Why do we generalize things? Due to these elements ‘online friends’ were started to be looked upon in a very suspicious way. If you used to tell your family or friends that you are chatting, they used to think that we are doing something really bad and were looked down upon. 

Now, in the world there are two kinds of people, Introverts and extroverts! Introverts were the ones who used the online space extensively to make new friends as they were comfortable making friends behind the scenes! What is their fault if they found it comfortable? 

I personally have made a lot of online friends’ and I dont see any harm in that.

Even today I have friends who advice me to restrain myself while making friends and have heard other tales where people have been told to not become friends with me just because I met he/she online. Aren’t there trustworthy people online? 

About a year back, I started blogging and tweeting and have found some very good friends there. Be it my blogging friends (the list is just too long) or the people whom I have met on twitter, became friends & nw meet up often. 

I agree that eventually you need to meet the online friends offline but why shy away from making online friends? Lemme know what my friends think?