Facebook has made us even more curious and have shortened our attention span.

Around us, we see people shifting tabs just to refresh the timeline and know whats happening in our friends life. Who is speaking about whom? And then make assumptions from it. We glance through photos that our friends have uploaded and see the smiling faces. But have you ever wondered if that smile is genuine? We add friends as soon as we meet them and assume that we have become friends for life only to realize that we end up speaking to them only on their birthday.

Why do we need Facebook to know about other people’s lives? Why not just pick up the phone and speak to them? Isn’t that gesture even more appreciative rather than commenting ‘Don’t worry, everything will be alright’. I have always believed in the power of voice rather than text.

We blame the orkutiyas for the way the way people randomly add friends and try to make fraandships? But, don’t you think that many of us are doing the same thing but in a more civilized way on Facebook?

Most importantly the focus at work? I wonder how do people manage to retain their focus at the task in hand when you are stealthily shifting tabs to see what is happening on Facebook? How the hell do you manage to maintain the focus? Please tell.

This is not about Facebook being bad. This is about how we are letting facebook dictate our lives and our thoughts. Let no one do that ever in your life.

This is what Ankita Ghosh had to say. A very interesting perspective indeed:

Science, they say (and I quite agree), can be a good friend but a terrible master. The same can be said about any technological advancement; human trait being skeptical and submissive at different times of the day, we cannot help but fall into the trap of what Facebook is or what Orkut had been a few years back. Skeptical for we being the curious creatures that we are, we tend to fathom the pros and cons of everything, and submissive because even though we question and argue, at the end of the day we are still on Facebook, still trying to connect/contact/view/gossip/flaunt/share/abuse/opine virtually. It could have been a step forward if we reduced the memes and LOLs and allowed quality content to crowd the site, but that rarely happens.


Photo credits: andy.brandon50