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When you fall for a girl who has been hurt before, you need to show her that you of all people are not going to walk out, that you are not going to disappear. Show her that you are the type of person who will fight for what you believe in. Show her that this time, love is going to be different. That this time love will be braver and stronger and will withstand every bump in the road. Show her that you aren’t going anywhere, because she’s scared. She doesn’t want to trust someone who is going to run. She doesn’t want to start giving her heart away to someone who will leave. She doesn’t want to fall so hard for someone who will give up on her. She is still healing from the people who left her. She’s still so torn apart by people who betrayed her and by people who promised her everything and ended up giving her nothing. She doesn’t want to be the fool this time. She doesn’t want to be the one left alone again. She doesn’t want to be played. So be there for her. Show up. Don’t let her go. And be truthful to your feelings. Tell her that you love her whenever you can. Hold her tightly on the bad days. Let her lift you up when you are drowning and do the same for her. Show her that sometimes, love won’t end in heartbreak. Show her that this time, love stays. Words: @laurenjg5 Photo: @kat_in_nyc

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