Day 14 – #100HappyDays 

96 and counting. He has seen it all. While visiting him a couple of months back, I was clicking the flowers in the garden not knowing that he was watching me. After I am done with clicking, he innocently asks me “Will you click my photo as well?” I said of course and this photo was born. 
I framed it and wanted to gift it to him on my birthday but he had gone to Lonavala to spend time with his friends. He travels 15 Kms to New Panvel Bridge in an ST bus and then his friend picks him enroute to Lonavala.
Today I wanted to meet him to seek his blessings for whatever I am going to do next so I set out to meet him. 
Sitting with his writing pad on his lap, he greeted me with his toothless smile. 
I take out the photo and show it to him. 
What happened next just 
He had tears in his eyes. He just said, ‘after over 30 years someone is gifting me a photograph! Why did you frame it? 4 more to go for century’ he chuckled. 
I felt content and happy. This is what I live for. 
Check out a small bit from the long conversation I had with him today. If you want to know his stories and much more, ping me 

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