Yun hi…

Kitne dafe dil ne kaha, dil ki suni kitne dafe?

It loves playing games. Isn’t it? Sometimes it says she loves him. Sometimes it says she cares a damn about him.

Sometimes it says she likes listening to him. Sometimes it says she hates listening to him.

Waise toh teri na main bhi maine dhundh li apni khushi.

Sometimes it says she is the one. Sometimes it asks is she the one?

Sometimes what she says hurts. Sometimes what she says soothes.

Tu jo agar haan kahe toh baat hogi aur hi

From that moment, you would see her only in his eyes.

Yeh khudai Chod ke tu aaja zameen pe, aur jaa na kahi, tu saath reh ja mere 

His heart feels she is an angel. He has told her she is an angel. But come on he is an human and humans are not allowed to fall in love with angels.

Kitne dafe mujhko laga tere saath udthe hue, aasmani dukaano se dhundh ke pigladu main chaand yeh

He wants to dream together. He wants to fulfill the dreams together. But she has other plans.

Tumhare in kaanon main pehna bhi du boondein bana, phir main yeh soch lu samjhegi tu jo main na keh saka

He thinks she will look gorgeous in that dress. He thinks she looks the best when her hair is let loose. He thinks she has one of the most beautiful smiles. He thinks she looks the best the way she is.

Dil hi rakhne ko  kabhi, upar upar se sahi, keh de na tha. Keh de na haan yun hi 

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