He is NOT Nick Bateman!

He overheard his colleagues gushing about how hot ‘Nick Bateman’ is and how ladies swoon over him. Not to be outdone, he wrote something. Here it goes.

I may not have those eyes which you can look at for hours and gaze
But I can show your eyes things & places which will make you wonder & gaze.

I may not have that stubble over which you can roll your fingers,
But I will ensure that your life is free of trouble and any kind of dangers.

I may not have that voice which you can listen & get mesmerised, but I will ensure that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to things that will mesmerise.

I may not have the physique or those bulging biceps, but I will make sure that wherever you go, I’ll match your steps.

I may not bowl you over with my looks, but I will bowl you over with my love.

I may not be the Nick Bateman of your life but I will be the Batman of your life. (The Hero you deserve)

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