A new phase in life

Somewhere I feel, this is going to be the year when a lot of decisions will be taken. Maybe good, maybe bad but it will be, keeping the future in mind.

Around me I hear success stories & failure stories. While driving, you see a Audi on your right and a family of four on an Activa on your left. The last year has been a truly roller coaster ride.

There are days when you feel you are awesome and there are days when you wish your day was less cumbersome.

The wise are saying that whatever is happening is a part of progression and at the end you will be the last man standing.

While all this is happening, I take a moment out of the regular process to reflect on the things I want to do and think about what lies ahead.

Yesterday one of my friend’s told me about what happened to one of his ‘Just married’ friends. Shocking to say the least. It puts a question mark on the entire concept of marriage and makes you realize that some are using this route to mint money.

The other thing that keeps you wondering and thinking about the future is what lies ahead. While you cannot do much by thinking, you can surely impact the future by correcting the present. 🙂

The thoughts go on…



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