A Sky Full Of Stars

A sky full of stars.
Each shining bright.
Each in its own flight.


We look at the stars and try to identify which one is the brightest of them all?

Do they have their own story and a competition to identify the best among all?

I tried talking to them yesterday night.

All they asked me were questions so right.

Harish,  isn’t it a chilly night to be talking about what is right?

All we say is enjoy the night and sleep tight.

I wasn’t convinced.

Stars,  we all have a story to live and tell. Can you tell me a story where you bask in glory?

Harish, not all stories end in glory. Do you want to hear an untold story?

Oh, that would be wonderful. I am sure it will touch my soul.

Here it goes.

There was a man who was the most cheerful in the clan.

And was a ladies man.

He fell in love with a girl from another clan, but he knew he couldn’t go against his clan.

He started working in the clan and forgot about the girl from the other clan.

He made a lot of fans due to his work in the clan. Life was smooth for everyone in the clan.

Then came a time when a storm hit the clan and people ran.

He wondered where were his fans when he needed them to protect his clan?

At that time he realized, success brings you fans but when a storm comes, you will wonder where they all ran.

He had to change and embrace the wave of change. But what is the wage he had to pay to change?

He looked at the sky full of stars & smiled cause he knew it’s better to be with the stars than wage this war.

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