Bus Kya

He and She Conversations – A place in my heart.

He was talking to his friend the other day while she was spending the long weekend lazing around.

Dials her number.

He: These days moments of my life are laced with your thoughts. Sometimes it is about how you smile and sometimes it is about how you take me to the sky.

She: *Blushes*

He: Someone asked me the other day,  ‘Why do you love her so much?’

I asked him,  ‘What is the thing that you love the most?’

My friend thinks.

Don’t think because if you would have been in love, you will know why I love her so much.

And he tells him.

‘How can I not love her when her smile is what I look forward to every day? ‘

‘ How can I not love her when I see myself in her eyes? ‘

‘ How can I not love her when her hug is what you need after a day of shrugs’

‘How can I not love her when all I wish is to walk with her hand in hand till I stop loving her’

@rashnair stumbled upon a few of my earlier posts and tells me to write. So here I am. Hope you like it.

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