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Are you the Messi controlled by a joystick?

Today while watching Yeh Jawaani hain deewani. I started thinking. A few questions popped up. Some had answers. Some had none.

The first question: What are we running after?  What is the game of life? Are we playing it correctly or are you the Messi who someone is controlling via a joystick?

Everyone around us has a dream. Some are realistic while some are far fetched. When we start thinking about our dreams, we start wondering, are they far fetched or are they realistic?

In YJHD, we had Naina meeting her school friends and then going on a trek to have the time of her life.

While you are in college, you have the time of your life. We would have had our share as well. Now when we sit with a couple of our friends chronicling those days all we can do is smile thinking about the memories. Because now if we have to even think of something like it, we have to clear the dependencies that have set in around. You got to take care of the office, then your house and then finally tuning the mind to be free of everything which is the most difficult part.

In the scene in the train when Naina feels awkward and quits the game because she doesn’t feel good about herself or to say ‘is not cool’ as others,  it makes you think are we moulding ourselves to look cool in the society or be the person the society wants us to be?

Are we losing out on our individuality here?

She reads her medical books when she is supposed to have fun while we check our mobiles when we are supposed to have fun.

One of the defining moments of the movie is when Naina almost expresses her love before which Bunny announces that he is going to go far from her.

Then comes a part where he is enjoying his life by travelling to wonderful places (Of course it is bollywood where money is free)  and then comes back to know about his best friend’s wedding.

We set ourselves goals and work day in and out to achieve them. In the process are we sacrificing our daily goals like being with the family and laugh our hearts out? Being with friends and do all those crazy stuff that only friends can do?

A day starts at 7 and ends at 11. How much time in these hours do you give for yourself?

We all want a rosy future but in the process of achieving a rosy future, are you losing out on a cosy nap in the lap of your Mom?

In the movie Bunny was unable to be with his Dad in his last moments. He regrets about it when he speaks to Naina.

Our parents are getting old (in spite of them thinking otherwise).

There is that sparkle on the moms face,  a sigh of happiness on dad’s face and a secret to share on the sisters face as soon as we enter the house. These moments are getting lesser and lesser as we increase the gear to achieve our goals faster.

Money – Sometimes you equate with the effort you are putting in life and realize that whatay one sided contest it is. Sometimes you think if it even worth it. But then reality strikes hard by showing you a red colour Audi passing by and your family asking where do we buy our next flat?

It is a difficult choice to make because sometimes you don’t have an option to make a choice because you are just the Messi who someone is controlling via a joystick.

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