Where has the love gone?

This morning I read this wonderful piece by Naomi Datta where she wonders ‘Where has the love gone?’. A very interesting question indeed and I thought this is something which I have asked many times till now. 

In this post, Naomi wonders where has the love from the Bollywood movies disappeared? I wonder, where are the love stories which inspires Bollywood disappeared?

Imagine this.

You see her everyday and every single day you think, I will stop my car and offer her a lift. One fine day, you muster the courage and stop the car in front of her and say.

I see you everyday standing here while I pass by, today I thought I will ask you, if we can traverse this path together. Can I offer you a lift?’

She readily agrees. WOW. Its like she has been waiting for this for quite some time and was waiting for him to make the first move.

They start conversing and before they realize, her office stop arrives. She has to go. He is numb and doesn’t know what to do. She waves him goodbye and he just smiles, because his mind is saying ‘Saale Number kaun lega, tera papa?’. Before he could bring his thoughts to his mouth, she disappears into wilderness.

Throughout his way to office, he curses himself for being so silly and only one question in his mind ‘Will I meet her tomorrow? Will she join me or take the earlier bus’. His day was filled with these two questions.

Finally he rose before the sun rose and got ready in record time and decides to go and wait a few metres away from the stop. So that he can make a grand entry as soon as he sees her.

But fate and she had different plans for him. While he was waiting for her, he suddenly hears a knock on his left window and there she is. 😛

‘Saala Popat hogaya’ says his mind. He opens the door and here she is all smiles. What came next was a blinder. She says ‘Thank you for waiting for me for the past 45 minutes, I saw you here while going back from my morning jog’. :P’ Before you forget, let me add my number on your phone and off they go. Today was different. She was just keeping on talking and he was just listening.

Days and months go by, and the chemical locha between them was happening.

Our Shehzade decides that it is now time to officially propose to her. How?

He decorates the bus stop with a hoarding saying ‘You are in love’ and ensures that all the buses that come to the stop have this poster, you are in love.

She comes to the stop and waits for him as always. Slowly she starts looking around and realizes that something is amiss. She wonders ‘Why am I seeing You are in love everywhere?’. Am I really in love and why is he not coming. She opens the flap of her mobile and voila, she gets a message, you are in love. 🙂 What is happening?

Someone taps her on her back and as she turns around, what does she see?

The Qtiyapa wala Arnab walks to her and says ‘Everyone is saying, you are in love, is it true’?

Followed by Mausi from Comedy nights with Kapil saying ‘Yeh main kya sun rahi hu? Tu pyaar main hain? Bitttttuuuuuuuuuu’

And then this track plays,

and our hero comes with a placard which reads, ‘I just don’t want to share our journey to office together, I want to share the journey of life with you’.

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