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WIN 14 was a success because of you.

When I first met Nirav, he had a vision. A vision which I could resonate with. A vision that will change the game called the Indian Blogosphere.

Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam, blogs, bloggers has been my mantra for the last 5 years. A lot has changed in the Indian blogosphere from the initial days. Some of the regulars have gone dormant taking away the fun and camaraderie with them. Last year saw the emergence of groups and a set of bloggers getting influenced by the things being discussed in the group. Whenever something happens, I used to hear this line very frequently ‘This has been posted in the group and people are discussing about it.’ and I used to wonder, why talk in groups, when you can do it in public. 🙂 Did it affect? Yes, initially then maturity and experience took over.

Then came the time to honour the bloggers for the efforts that they have put in over the years. BlogAdda Awards was announced.

Each one who agreed to be a part of the jury was a guru in their own field of expertise. Was honoured to have them as a part of the BlogAdda Blog Awards.

Constantly innovating and trying to do something very different has been our mantra right from November 27, 2008.

WIN 14, was conceptualized. The team had one vision, the success of WIN 14. Every discussion or the brain storming session that we had revolved around how we can make WIN 14 an event to be remembered.

The outstanding team at BlogAdda rose to the occasion and the day finally arrived, February 9th, 2014.

Each one of the attendees and the speakers deserves the credit for the success of WIN 14. Without your support nothing could have been achieved.

A special thanks to Shekhar Sir, who took time off his busy schedule just for the relationship he shares with BlogAdda and Nirav. Hats off to you sir as you showed the world why you are among India’s best.

Thank you Anil, Kavi, Lucky Sir, Manu, Anaggh Sir, Kiran, Ravi, Eka, Vasundhara, Karl, Arjun, Amit, Anuradha, Jammy, Kalyan and finally the Jayhind team for agreeing to speak at the event and inspiring all those who attended #WIN14.

A special thanks to Ashwin Mushran for being the perfect host and managing the show entirely. Awesomeness was defined by you that day.

Thank you Nirav Sir, Poo, An, Ree, BarkingB, Soum, Anku, Anki, Sanj and Komal for being a part of the ups and downs and eventually rising above all and making the event a grand success.

Thank you Ma, Pa and Sneh as you are my happiness. 🙂


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