This November I complete 5 years at BlogAdda. She decides to take an impromptu interview about the memories and learnings from the last 5 years.

5 years

She: You joined on the 27 when Mumbai was under the siege. I would love to know on why you chose that date. (Please don’t tell me that you are brave, I know that. :))

He: There are multiple reasons behind that. The first and the most important reason was that I wanted to start working ASAP because the feeling of being unemployed after becoming an Engineer + GNIIT was not very soothing. The vibes at the BlogAdda office were very positive and I was very upbeat about joining the firm as soon as possible.

The Second reason was that I believe number 9 is my lucky number and I thought why not start my career on that date if given a chance. So I grabbed both the opportunities and joined BA when the roads were empty on 27.

She: Interesting. Who was the first person you met as you entered office. Any special memories of the first day at work? 

He: Haha. That is a good one. The first person I met was our ‘S Bhau‘. He welcomed me to the office and said ‘Aap kya loge, Saada ya Thanda Paani’. Then there were a couple of others including my would be Boss in the work area. I was very excited. At 9.45, Nirav Sir walked in & here was the man who was going to change my life and mould me into what I am today. When I look back at that day, I realize the changes that have happened in me over the years.

She: I know Nirav Sir has played a very important role in your life. Can you tell me something that will always stay about him with you?

He: Haha. I can write a whole blog on that but the notable things that will stay with me about him would be:

  •  He is as calm as a cucumber. 🙂 I have seen him remaining composed even in the worst situations.
  • He doesn’t behave like a boss with anyone. He is more of a family to me than a boss.
  • The way he has moulded me and the things he has taught me in the last 5 years.

There is more but I will save that for later…

She: Sure. Your colleagues are one amazing lot. Can you tell us more about them?

He: I have been fortunate to work with some of the best people in the world over the last 5 years. Right from ‘M’ who was my first boss to ‘SS’ who is now my current boss. ‘P’ who is fondly referred to as Mata and ‘Su’ who is still officially not married but has a wife and two kids. ‘An’ who loves to party and has an Om tattoo was one of the colleagues whose importance I realized after she left.

My current team members are awesomeness to say the least. Be it ‘Ank’ who is the OC to ‘So’ who is in the Bam Bam Bole mood. Not to forget ‘Sa’ who tells me ‘Be Sunny not Shani’ and ‘Ko’ who travels with me to office everyday. The special one is ‘Re’ who is the perfect advertisement for catwalk. All heads turn towards her when she walks. 😛

In the coming months, this team is going to come up with something that no one would have imagined and I am already proud of being a part of it. One more who will join us shortly is someone who I am looking forward to work with. 🙂

To be continued as it is celebrations time…


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