My Yearly Ode with Shantivan

Shantivan – The place where you you find happiness and peace and the place where I see my grandfather in every senior citizen living there.

The Road to Happiness - Shantivan

July, the month where both my grandfathers decided to go and stay among the stars. The void left by them had to be filled. That is how I discovered Shantivan. As soon as you enter Shantivan, you are greeted by the lush green environment. The warm smiles and the teary filled eyes of happiness of the people there makes you forget everything and just live for the moment.

This year, it was special as after many years Dad and Mom together (The Krishnan’s) cooked some wonderful delicacies for the wonderful people to savour.

The Bananas

The Bananas arranged by Mr Krishnan to start with. Then comes the Appams and the Ulundu Vadas.


Ulundu Vada

The starters are done. Now comes the Main course. Mr and Mrs Krishnan have the Avial


followed by the Salt and Sugary Koothu…


The Mandatory Payasam, Khichadi and injipuzhi completed the fare. 

Maharaj, who has served the people of Shantivan for the last 17 years makes a grand entry with the Plantain leaves.

Maharaj with Leaves

Are we all set for the lunch asked everyone. Yes, we are…


Everyone loved the lunch. After the lunch, one of my grandfather’s came to us and put ittar on our hands. He does it every year.  Many of them from the last year have left this Earth and found a place among the stars. They were missed.

As the afternoon came to an end, the others in the day to day race were calling. Back to the race.

Bye Bye Shantivan

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