Panvel To Kurla on 8:01 Local

After ‘The Last Week Of November’. Life has become a routine of sorts. A Timetable has been set to be followed. Among the tasks in the timetable is catching the 8:01 Local from Panvel to alight at Kurla and from there catch a train to Ghatkopar where my workplace is located. As the journey time is about 50 minutes, use this time to tweet and read many interesting blogs where i need to mention about Gauravonomics.  His tweets are the one which i look out for often as it has some very interesting articles.

Many other things happen around me in this local. Like for example, A person occupies the seat facing the opening to the Ladies First class,  He looks forward to occupy the position(Dont ask me why). When the train reaches Khandeswar, You can see the rush of people using their eyes to the maximum effort to spot a empty seat and if they don’t get it, look to occupy a place where they think they would get a seat soon.  The train is almost full when it reaches Belapur. After that it is just the pushing game and occupy whatever place is available. Till Chembur it is the same story.  As soon as the train leaves Chembur station one sees hectic activity in the coach as Kurla is approaching. People confirm with the person in front of them whether they want to alight at Kurla and we all get ready to complete a herculean task. As soon as the train reaches Kurla station we can hear shouts from back telling us to alight fast. Getting Down at Kurla actually doesnt require much effort at all. If you manage to get into the line you will find yourself automatically getting pushed from behind and at the next moment you find yourself at the platform no 8 of the Kurla station. A Herculean Task completed.

After the Herculean task is completed, Myself alongwith few people wait for the crowd to disperse and then use the overbridge to go to platform no 5, from where i get a fast local to Ghatkopar. It is normally 8:52 fast Local to Badlapur. This local is a completely different to the earlier local. The Local is almost empty, we can strech our legs to relax the body for the effort it put in at Kurla. I Reach Ghatkopar in 5 minutes. If the train is on time, Walk it down to the workplace or catch a Rickshaw to start a exciting day at the office.

For all you fellow travellers, would appreciate your comments and observations.

5 thoughts on “Panvel To Kurla on 8:01 Local

  1. Hari

    Hi Harish,

    A real, touching article true to every word about Appappa. I am saddened by the fact that Little ones like you could feel this way(in spite of him spending very little of his life span I mean), when matured pepole (his close raltions) still alive, for whom he gave everthing in his life (to bring them up, leading this comfortable life now), turned their face agaist him once their job was done by Appappa. But one thing” Truth will prevail and GOD will pay them back(whomever it may be), when time comes.May be Appapa is lucky that he won’t have to see their state then.

    1. Harish aka Harry

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! God is there and he watches everything. Now alongwith god our dear appapa is also there. They are there to see everything. Today what i am is because of my appapa. He wanted me to be happy and serve people and that is what i am doing right now! Hope i live upto his expectations!

  2. periamma

    harisha, u have the blessings of all the elders who luv u a lot and definitely u will live up to everybody’s expectations.

  3. Anuradha

    your description is so perfect… we all face the same thing everyday… the shouts from people before getting down, the high pointed heels on our toes, the excitement of being able to catch a particular train just before it leaves…
    i’ve an entire blog dedicated to mumbai local trains… may be you would like to check it out


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