About a week back, there was this very interesting conversation happening on twitter about love and marriage. What is Love? Should we go the arranged marriage way or do you believe in love marriage? These were some of the questions that emerged out of the conversation.

Lets talk about love. What’s love? What’s first love? How do you know when first love happens? Does true love truly exist?

Since my college years, I have had many female friends and one question I have always asked them is  ‘What is love and are there any factors which you consider before falling in love?’ I have a fictional story to make us wonder if true love exists or not?

We have Mr D and Miss S. D meets S through common friends and hits off with her instantly. Both enjoy their college days and love blossoms. As any ‘love‘struck couple they start spending more time with each other and thinking about each other. A point comes when their friends declare that they are the perfect couple and truly in ‘Love‘. Life cannot be so perfect can it? So we have to introduce a twist here. The catch was that ‘D’ was a Hindu and ‘S’ was a Muslim.

Now you may wonder why did they fall in ‘Love‘ in the first place? They were in college remember and used to believe ‘Love‘ is blind. They slowly started realizing that religion can make a difference and started thinking about their future. Their friends advised them to continue and take things as it comes but this is the 21st Century & as ‘Love Aaj Kal’ conveyed, D took a practical decision and realized that his ‘Love‘ for his parents was more than his ‘love‘ for ‘S’. ‘D’ had to break up and they parted ways? Which love was more true and was it right?

Where did ‘D’ go wrong?

How many of you have experienced true ‘love’?