Today I was in a random conversation with a colleague of mine and the topic was ‘Arjun Kapoor’ and ‘Two States’. I was drooling over Alia and she was drooling over Arjun. I was made to realize that Alia is a kid and I retorted back saying that I am the same age as Arjun.

What came next made me think. I was made to realize that Arjun looks young and doesn’t look his age and bimbo, I realized that for many in the opposite sex that is what matters. How you look and present your self matters a lot. But, but, is that the only thing that matters?

Last week my conversations with my friends were not revolving around Barcelona or Road trips but on how I have to lose weight and how important is money in life.

I shudder to think everyday on the importance that has been put on good looks. Is the intelligence and the capacity to treat her like a queen of less importance? Two scenarios.

1. A guy who looks dashing and floors everyone around him. What are the chances of him being able to commit to a single girl? Out of the experience and things I have heard from people, FEW good looking guys withstand the urge to cheat and stay committed to a single girl.

2. A guy who gets a rating of 2 on 10 from the girls on looks but has the intelligence and will love her like a queen. Out of the experience and things I have heard from people, many of them are still looking for the perfect one.

What does it make us understand? Are the preferences and priorities changing? Is it ok to not stay committed or love her as much because that is going to be compensated by your good looks? Or it makes us understand that screw intelligence and screw the ability to treat her like a queen. Just start investing on Gym and model yourself.

Before you comment below that there are men who have the good things from both the scenarios, I would like to remind you that they are short in supply and in pursuit of them, the tag of #Foreveralone may just become permanent. 🙂